Bookbinding and Botanicals Kit

I am looking forward to running my nature-inspired Bookbinding & Botanicals workshop on 17 July in collaboration with Museums Galleries Edinburgh – this is in place of an in-person workshop I was due to hold at Lauriston Castle, which has now been moved online due to Covid restrictions. The workshop will cost £15 to participate in – for more info and to book your place, click here.

I have produced a special materials/tool kit to accompany this workshop, more info on the workshop and details of how to purchase this below.

This workshop will take place live online, 10.30am-12pm on Saturday 17 July – together we will make a set of reusable leaf stamps and create a collection of prints. Following the live session you will be given access to a series of step by step video tutorials that take you through 3 bookbinding projects that incorporate your hand-printed papers – a cut and fold book, pamphlet stitch notebook and Japanese Stab bound nature journal.

To accompany this workshop I have put together a kit with everything you need to participate – this includes high quality bookbinding tools, paper cut to size, decorative papers and stamp making materials, plus a reusable ink stamp – enough materials to make 6 books (two of each kind). *These books make great gifts and fit in the post so are perfect for sending to friends and family.

Please note: before ordering your kit, please sign up to the workshop via Museums Galleries Edinburgh. Please order by 1 July to ensure your kit arrives in time for the workshop,

Bookbinding & Botanicals kit

Bookbinding & Botanicals kit. Includes first class UK postage. You will be asked for a postal address upon purchase.


Joining this workshop from outside the UK? If you would like to order a kit, please get in touch as there will be an extra cost for shipping. You will also need to allow more time for postage – email me at bookbindingwithcas@gmail.com


Bookbinders in the Wild: Andrea’s story

Name: Andrea Taylor
Location: Portobello, Edinburgh
Age: 54
Occupation: Celebrant, (midwife, covid vaccinator, yoga teacher)

What Bookbinding with Cass workshops have you taken?
I discovered Cass’ workshops during lockdown last year. I have undertaken online workshops including Layered Cross Stitch, Coptic Binding, Mini Bookbinding, along with collaborative workshops The Art of Journalling and Letters To The Future. I was also lucky enough to be able to attend a 5 week in person Intro to Upcycled Bookbinding course at The Remakery in Edinburgh during the easing of lockdown last year. Oh dear I think I’m hooked!

What drew you to Bookbinding?
I noticed Cass on Instagram and entered one of her giveaways for a Bookbinding Kit – I didn’t win but I was drawn in and bought some kits. My daughter and I spent some lockdown days together bookbinding, drinking tea and enjoying each others company.

Can you share a bit about your experience of learning how to make books?
I have found working on my books a peaceful distraction in such difficult times. I am lucky enough to have a space I can use to work on my books and store all my papers, recycling and bookmaking treasures. Cass’ kits and online sessions are excellent and it’s been a great way to try out different styles of books at home. I’m always keen to try new styles of books and at the moment am exploring styles that would be best for my Celebrancy practice.

How have you gone on to apply the bookbinding skills you have learnt?
I was keen to find something I could give the couples and families I work with as a personalised keepsake of the collaboration and their ceremony. I really wanted something sustainable as I am aware that weddings and funerals can have a large carbon footprint so I didn’t want to use or create anything that would add to that.
Each book is unique to the couple, family, ceremony and can be used in any way they choose. I call them Wee Quairs (Quair is Old Scots for Book) and they can be used as a notebook for ceremony ideas and inspiration, poetry and planning. Some couples choose to use the Wee Quairs during the ceremony to read from or
to hold their rings.

At present, due to restrictions, couples can only have wedding ceremonies with only 5 people, the couple, two witnesses and myself so the books I am working on for March ceremonies will be filled with words and blessings from family and friends that cannot be present. I have some Celebration of Life ceremonies this year and plan to make a Book of Remembrance for the families to have available on the day of the memorial.

What creative projects are you working on at the moment?
I’m working on an envelope book just now which will be given to a couple who have had to postpone their wedding twice already. Some of the envelopes will be filled with letters, watercolours and poems from their children. This is what I love about Bookbinding and specifically Cass’ offerings. They are all so adaptable and can be used in multiple ways. I’m looking forward to Upcycled Bookbinding – The Next Chapter which starts this month. I am definitely hooked aren’t I…..

Do you have a favourite book that you have made?
I really enjoyed making the Accordion Book during the 5 week in person workshops at The Remakery. I realised then that what I enjoy the most is the construction aspect of bookbinding.

Why is being creative and making things with your hands important to you?
For me it offers time to focus, to be quiet and in some ways to be present and absorbed. I find this relaxing and refreshing and it’s wonderful that you have an item at the end of it whether it is a book, a wreath, a flower crown or an item of clothing.

How can people find out more about your Celebrancy practice?
You’ll find me on Instagram at Soulful.Celebrant (press the button with Wee Quairs and you see some books) and I also have a website www.soulfulspace.org

Thank you so much Andrea – it has been a joy getting to know you over the past year and see your books take shape. I love that your books are created with an individual or couple in mind, making them as unique as the person you’re gifting them too. W a special thing to receive and keep as a tangible momento of a special moment in time.

I also must give a shout out to Andrea’s Yoga teaching too – I was lucky enough to go to her classes on Portobello beach in autumn this year which were just dreamy! Fingers crossed these can start up again soon, but in the meantime you can join her temple of Zoom for yoga at home, more on this here.

Many of the bookbinding classes Andrea mentions are still available – you can see a full list of my kits, workshops and collaborative classes here.


Bookbinders in the Wild: Paulette’s story

Name: Paulette de Kuijper
Location: Tijnje, The Netherlands
Age: 60
Occupation: retired, creativity is my passion now – I ecoprint (on paper and all kinds of
fabric), felt, spin, weave, and make books from my ecoprints.

What Bookbinding with Cass workshops have you taken? The Ecoprint & Bookbinding
with Cass and Elisabeth Viguie-Culshaw, this was the beginning! After that I worked through the Bookbinding & Botanicals tutorial, then the Layered Cross
Stitch Bookbinding tutorial
and then the Coptic Bookbinding tutorial.

What drew you to bookbinding? I have always loved books, and have read a lot in my life!
Making my own books with my self made papers is just a dream!

Can you share a bit about your experience of learning to make books? The workshop and the tutorials were very inspiring for me. The video’s were very clear and even if you have not done ever bookbinding before (like me), you can keep up very well. It’s all very well explained and fine music in the background too! I also learn better if I can see the process instead of reading everything. It’s also good to know that the video’s are
always there for you when you need them. Because you just can’t remember everything.

What have you gone on to make since? After the first workshop I wanted to make more and I went on and on, learning a new method with another tutorial or book. I just could not stop, it’s so nice to make something beautiful with your own hands.

What creative projects are you working on at the moment? I am doing a 4 week project learning about blue natural indigo dye with Elisabeth Viguie-Culshaw (find out more about Elisabeth’s workshops here). I want to incorporate the indigo pieces into my books. There is so much to explore!

Do you sell your work? If so, how can people find out more and get in touch? Yes, I do,
see my work on my website here and on my Facebook page.

Why is being creative and making things with your hands important to you? Creativity
has always been very important for me. I think you can say that I need it to be happy. To
incorporate all the things you have learned and turn this into something unique is a very satisfying process.

Is there anything else you would like to share? Online workshops are a fantastic way of
learning something new. You do not need to travel, and you can do them all over the world,
so even in Scotland!

Thank you so much Paulette – it has been an absolute joy seeing your books take shape and I love the way you are using the book form to showcase and weave together a range of different techniques. As a nature-lover I particularly love your ecoprint books and encourage those of you who are reading this to take a look at Paulette’s bounty of beautiful books in the gallery above.

>>>The Ecoprint & Bookbinding workshop Paulette mentions is taking place in May this year via a series of Zoom live sessions and video tutorials – for more information on this and to book a place, click here.