Cyanotype & Bookbinding

I’ve teamed up with Artist Kit Martin to bring you this blue themed workshop, which combines cyanotype printing & bookbinding techniques, resulting in a collection of unique books with decorative stitching.

Via a series of step-by-step videos Kit and I take you through the process of creating a series of cyanotype prints and making a collection of hand-bound books, with the option to incorporate your prints into the cover and your inside pages. More details below…

Kit will introduce the cyanotype process and guide you in creating a range of eye-catching prints onto paper, working with found materials, such as foliage, lace and feathers. I will then show you how to make a hardback book with decorative triple chain stitch and envelope insert, plus a bundle of single chain stitch notebooks with the option to incorporate your prints into the cover and/or inside pages. The videos can be worked through at your own pace and you will have continued access.

Purchase options

  • Our Spring edition of kits that accompany this workshop are now *SOLD OUT* – it is likely that we will restock and make more available later in the summer, with a Zoom welcome and sharing event to coordinate with this – sign up to my mailing list to receive updates.
  • In the meantime, if you would like to source your own materials, there is the option of buying access to the online workshop without a kit and getting access to our tutorials straight away. More on this below.

Purchasing access to online workshop, no kit

There are two options here – you can purchase access to both the cyanotype and bookbinding tutorials or purchase access to the bookbinding tutorials as a stand-alone – a good option if you are already familiar with cyanotype printing process.

Upon purchasing you will be given access to a PDF download, which includes information on where to source materials, specific measurements and advice on how to scale up and down to produce books of different sizes, plus a list if useful resources. Below is an overview of what tools/materials you will need to follow the workshop – 

Materials / tool list:

  • Tools: Awl / Bone folder / Pencil / Bookbinding needle / Scissors / Cutting mat
  • Waxed linen thread or waxed embroidery thread on a blue theme
  • Greyboard or mountboard (2-5mm thick) 
  • Blue book cloth 
  • UHU glue
  • A4 white paper cut on the long edge – I use 170gsm recyled paper
  • A5 copy paper
  • Decorative paper to incorporate into the cover and add details
  • Cyanotype paper, A5 X3, either ready-coated or coated yourself (if doing yourself you will need the cyanotype chemicals)
  • Sheet of glass or picture frame to hold down your print while exposed to light

Cyanotype & Bookbinding video tutorials

Access to step-by-step video tutorials by Kit and Cass that cover the cyanotype printing process and how to create a hardback book with triple chain stitch binding, plus a collection of single chain stitch notebook. Inc. full tool/materials kit list.


Chain stitch bookbinding video tutorials only

Access to step-by-step video tutorials by Cass that cover how to create a hardback book with triple chain stitch binding, plus a collection of single chain stitch notebooks. Comes with a full tool/materials kit list. Does not include cyanotype tutorials.


*Please note: you will receive log in details to access the online workshop within 48 hours.