Upcycled Bookbinding – The Next Chapter

This weekly bookbinding class builds on the ‘Intro to Upcycled Bookbinding‘ course that I run in partnership with the Edinburgh Remakery, and shares 4 unique book structures incorporating a range of remnant materials…

Join me on Zoom on Thursday afternoons (1.30-3pm) *evening class now sold out* from 6 May – 3 June to get creative with bicycle inner tubes, textiles off-cuts, remnant leather, recycled cardboard and decorative paper as we re-purpose them into a collection of eye-catching books with decorative exposed bindings. 

Video tutorials will accompany the live sessions to take you through the stitching technique, so that you can pause, rewind and revisit the stitching. A materials/tool kit is available that contains everything you need or you can choose to provide your own using the kit list provided.

This course is a good option if you have already dabbled in bookbinding or done one of my workshops before and want to try your hand at some more advanced bindings.

The techniques covered are shown in the photos above and include:

  • Three strap buttonhole binding
  • Diamond exposed stitching
  • Hinged Japanese Stab book
  • Link stitch/chain stitch leather journal
  • The last session will be reserved for finishing our books and looking at different fastening techniques

Things to note:

  • Unlike my other workshops, which mainly consist of pre-recorded video tutorials, that you can work through in your own time, the focus of this course will be on learning together as a group via Zoom. Please make sure you can attend all of the zoom sessions before booking your place (if you have to miss the odd one I can arrange for a recording to be sent to you).
  • The focus of these workshops is on working with remnant materials – if you select the kit option I will provide you with a mix of materials to get creative with, including remnant leather, bicycle inner tubes, fabric off-cuts, beads/buttons/elastic, glue and adhesive tape plus my go-to Flat White paper made from recycled takeaway cups, which is great quality and fab for sketching and watercolour.
  • If you are purchasing the with kit option and would prefer pleather/faux leather instead of animal leather, please contact me on bookbindingwithcass@gmail.com so I can arrange.
  • Prior to the first workshop, I will send you a ‘materials scavenger hunt’ with a list of materials that you can choose to incorporate into your books. The idea being that this may just inspire you to use things that you already have to hand to give your books a personal touch.
  • I am not offering international shipping on kits for this workshop series as there isn’t sufficient time to ensure these will arrive before the first session. If you are based outwith the UK and would like to attend, there is the option to purchase without a kit and source your own materials using the kit list I will provide.
  • Class sizes will be kept small so there is lots of time to as questions, share what we’re making and have a good chinwag while we make our books – this means that places are limited so do book if you’re keen to join. Likelihood is I will repeat this course later in the year but I can’t say when this will be at the moment.
  • You will receive recordings of the Zoom live workshops if required, which will be available to watch back for 4 weeks after the workshop.
  • There may be ‘homework’ for you to complete in between sessions – some of the book structures will need some drying time or require you to complete the stitching outwith the live Zoom session.
  • Please note: this class requires a minimum of 4 participants to go ahead. You will get a full refund and prior warning if it needs to be cancelled. I am hopeful this won’t be the case.

New to Bookbinding with Cass? If you haven’t already seen it, here I am chatting about my approach to upcycled bookbinding back when I did my first online workshop, my hair may be shorter but my passion for bookbinding and teaching workshops still stands –

If you have any questions about this course, please do not hesitate to get in touch – bookbindingwithcass@gmail.com

Book your place on my afternoon class:

Upcycled Bookbinding – The next Chapter – Afternoon – Full Kit – UK

All the materials and bookbinding tools you need to create the 5 book structures covered in this course, plus a few useful additions. Also includes access to all the Zoom sessions, accompanying videos and resources.


Upcycled Bookbinding – The Next Chapter – Afternoon – Materials Kit (no tools) – UK

All the materials you need to create the 5 book structures covered in this course, plus a few useful additions. Also includes access to all the Zoom sessions, accompanying videos and resources. You will need to provide your own bookbinding awl, bone folder, bookbinding needle, cork punch board and ruler.