“Creativity is about connecting – with ourselves, with each other and with the world around us. It’s about reflecting, playing, making mistakes and taking some time out to just be. It’s about the sense of satisfaction that comes from making and creating something that didn’t exist before.”

Hi I’m Cass – I love to make books and I am passionate about making the craft of bookbinding fun and accessible. I am particularly inspired by working with remnant materials and transforming what might otherwise end up in landfill, into unique and usable books.

I run a range of bookbinding and mark making workshops both in person and online, make books to order and work in collaboration with venues, artists from other disciplines and community organisations. To find out more about what I do and how you can get involved, see the links below:

  • About – more about me and my passion for making upcycled books
  • In-Person Workshops – peruse my programme of bookbinding and printmaking workshops
  • Bookbinding Kits & Online Workshops – my newest venture that brings my workshops to you
  • Commisions – if you’re looking for a unique gift or have a project in mind
  • Projects – a sneak peek at some personal bookbinding projects I’m working on just now
  • Newsletter – a slice of bookbinding goodness straight to your inbox

While you’re here, check out this short video to see me in action and hear about my approach to bookbinding...

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